“One word can bring you ’round: Changes!”

It’s been a weird and busy summer, and I unfortunately haven’t been keeping up with development, or with the website.  So let me tell you a little bit about what’s been going on.  From May to July, I was working on Aurumancer, my prototype Oculus Rift project. It’s the first 3D game I’ve attempted (and my first VR / Rift project), but even so, it received a good bit of interest from the Oculus forums and Twitter. Aurumancer could be a great little game for the Rift if I focus on it and continue developing it.

When August rolled around, the Oculus team and Indiecade held a 3-week VRJam to find new and innovative games for the Rift. I decided to participate, and started writing “Space Blocks”, a cross between Tetrisphere and Boom Blox set in space. I met the first two milestones, but due to lack of progress, I didn’t submit the game in the end. At the moment, it’s barely a game at all, but I may flesh it out into something more substantial later on.

I still struggle with the fact that I finished my first game project and released it, yet every project since then remains dropped and unfinished. I work on a new idea for a few weeks or a month, then lose interest and move on to something else. As a result, it’s been a year since my last commercial game release. This is something I have to change.

Within this past year, there’ve been many days where I came home from my day job and have had no interest in further programming. I’d been working fairly hard during the day, and on some days I had to commute 3+ hrs roundtrip (even longer when traffic was bad) in order to support one particular customer. It’s draining and it made me question the stability of my position. Looking ahead, I felt that my future would be much the same.

So, last week, I gave my resignation at my current company, after being there for 5 years.  It was a good run and I felt it was time to move on (and some of my team mates may be reading this right now.  Hi guys, welcome!).  I don’t have nearly enough savings or revenue to go full-time game developer at the moment, so I ended up accepting a new position with a government contractor.  The new position will allow me to run my own team, in a stable environment, for a substantially higher salary.  I’m always on the lookout for additional revenue streams! 8)

Those are the current goings on. It’s been a crazy year, especially this past summer, and the future will bring some big changes with it. I’m hoping these changes are going to be for the better, but ultimately, that’s up to me. While I’m not ready to be a full-time independent yet, I think I’m moving in the right direction towards that future. This is a long-winded way of saying that I hope to write and release more games in the near future. I think it’s going to take some time to settle into my new day job, so I’ll probably be in a bit of a game dev drought for a few more months. But who knows. The way I am with (lack of) decision making, I could start or continue a project next week.

Until next time, happy gaming!

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