Aurumancer Update

I’ve just updated the demo with several additions and fixes. You can download it from here: Here’s what’s in this update.

  • Added Xbox360 Controller support
  • Added a “Menu Room” that shows you controls and whatnot. Still trying to figure out UIs with the Rift.
  • Coins will now be drawn to you and be automatically collected. It’s almost as if you were a wizard with gold!
  • Added Fire Demons, which take a lot more damage, and added ice effect to Ice Demons.
  • Dungeons now have randomized light colors. Some people may hate having blue/green/red dungeons, so let me know your feedback.
  • Added sounds to the demon punches, so you’ll know you’re getting hit!
  • Fixed the doors. They’re now the correct size, perform the correct rotations, and you can leave doors open or close them again.
  • Cleaned up player, exit, statue and treasure chest instantiations. However, it looks like sometimes the player may miss the dungeon and fall through the world. Reset if this happens, and let me know if it occurs.
  • New spell effect blasts monsters with a cone of fire / molten gold in front of the player. The spell costs 50 coins per cast.
  • I probably forgot something, so we’ll discover it together!

Features that we’re looking to add are secret rooms, better exits, more creatures, leveling, skill / spell trees, and a home base / castle, among other things. Let me know what you think and what else you’d like to see!

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