Aurumancer – Sorcerer of Gold

Hi there!  Been a while, lots of busy stuff, you’ve heard it before.  I’ve been messing with the Oculus Rift quite a bit in the past month, and now have a small game demo available.  The game is tentatively called “Aurumancer”, and you kill demons with coins. Sound cool?  You can download the demo here:

Keep in mind this is for individuals who have an Oculus Rift to use it with.  Although you can play the game without it, just by looking at one side of the screen.  It’s how I’ve been developing most of the time, anyway.

Here are the controls:

  • WASD – Move Forward, Back, Left, Right
  • Space – Jump
  • Hold Left Mouse – Fire coins!
  • Right Mouse Click – Push enemies away from you, costs 20 coins
  • I – Toggle the help menu (shows this information, pretty much)
  • E – Open doors
  • F1 – Reset level (helpful if you get stuck!)
  • Esc – Quit game
Let me know what you think on Twitter @ShiftyPumpkin.  Happy gaming!


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