Writing New Games and Stuff

Well, now that Halloween and the election are out of the way, we’re working in earnest on our next title.  The goal is to expand the general concept of Villagers Vs. Vampire into a matching game with more depth and RPG elements.  Work is moving along, but we’re only in the early stages, so who knows how much it will change between now and release.  Fervently hoping I’ll be able to write this one in less than 9 months, compared to the last one.  Learning more about Unity, I’m able to put some things together faster than I did before.  Here’s to hoping!

Between the game and the copious amount of day-job work, it’s difficult to post often, and I never feel comfortable putting up early screenshots of works in progress.  If you guys want it, though, then let me know and I’ll see what I can do.  Thanks!

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