Top Apps on Amazon

So we’ve figured out what’s caused the giant uptick in sales.  It turns out that Amazon chose Villagers Vs. Vampire as one of the games it’s promoting for Halloween.  We received a nice email from Amazon that confirmed it.

We’ve managed to get all the way up to #73 on the Top Paid Apps, and #60 in Top Games.  The result is an average of about 100 sales per day, so far.  We’re hoping we can get even higher as we get closer to the weekend and Halloween.  It’s an exciting time for us!  One of the benefits of multi-platform development…we would have very little sales and downloads if we had only released on iTunes.

Also, in light of the recent success of V Vs V, we’ve been reassessing our next project.  I was starting work on a word game, but now I may actually turn my attention to exploring deeper permutations of the path-puzzle genre.  There were several ideas we had when working on V Vs. V that didn’t end up making it, and there are also many themes and implementations to explore.  I’ll post more as that and other news occurs!

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