Free Apps, Promotion, Japan, and Halloween

A couple of things to talk about in this update, so I’ll just get right to it.

Last week, the full version of Villagers Vs. Vampire was featured by Amazon for their Halloween Apps section.  During that time, we averaged about 100 sales per day, and 200 downloads of our free version.  We managed to get up to #70 on the Top Paid list, so it was a very nice promotion for us, and we’re grateful that Amazon selected us.  But that’s not all…

We’ve learned today that we’re being featured by Amazon again this week, for their “Indie Game Spotlight” feature on newer Kindle Fires and the Kindle HD.  Seeing as we have neither of these devices, we haven’t been able to see ourselves on the list, but that’s still great news!  Thanks go to Amazon once again.  We’re looking forward to the results.

Also, our $0.99 version on iTunes is Free until Nov 1st to celebrate Halloween!  It has 1000 free coins and Gamecenter achievements, and you can grab it here:

Since it’s free, our downloads have increased greatly.  Interestingly enough, Japan has the most downloads by far (over 500 yesterday), taking us to #12 in Japan for iPhone Strategy Games, and #67 for iPhone Puzzle Games.  For iPad apps in Japan, we’re #16 in Strategy, #28 in Puzzle, #127 in All Games, and #423 in Top Overall apps.  Thanks for the downloads, and we hope you all enjoy the free stuffs!

All in all, it’s been a great end to October.  8D

Thank you for the support, and happy gaming!

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