Philosophical Bantering

Hi there!  Sorry for the latent posting this month.  The new job situation has slowed me down considerably.  I guess it’s my extreme level of introversion, and I mean that in the Carl Jung sense, not the often-used “I’m just shy” sense.  Being around groups of people all day is extremely draining to me, mentally.  I come home and I just want to sit, which is doing wonders for my creativity and game development.  It’s a temporary situation at the moment, but one I feel every day, and it’s very difficult to shake myself out of it.

So, yeah, on to plans and stuff!  I should have an article published soon, and I’ll mention it here if/when it goes up.  It talks about our unexpected sales experience with Villagers Vs Vampire and how the mobile environment is changing.

On the game front, I’m moving like a glacier on our next project.  I have a mini-prototype coded and running, but I need to flesh it out more to see if the game concept will actually be enjoyable.

Also, I’m planning to make a Halloween/October update for Villagers Vs. Vampire.  Given that I should do it by mid-late September for it to be available in October, I should probably get started on that!

How I wish I could write games for you (and us) full time, but that remains a dream for the present.

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