Small Updates

We pushed out a small update on Friday for Villagers Vs. Vampire (and thursday on Google, but we had to fix that one) to make some UI tweaks, add some help and tips screens, and label all our menu buttons for easier understanding.  Still only getting about a sale or 2 a day, but it’s OK.  I managed to get it written in my spare time, and have had about a thousand players so far, so that’s an accomplishment at least.

Going through the experience also means that the next game we write either A) may not take as long, or B) take as long, but with more content and polish.  I’m hopeful of either scenario.

Speaking of next, that’s what we’re doing right now!  Looking at the mechanics of our next game and getting a structure started so we can prototype it to ourselves.  We’re thinking it will be a puzzle game with a space mining theme, coupled with a crafting system and some economics as you fly to other planets to sell your wares.  It’ll be 2D, like V Vs. V, with upgradeable this’s and that’s.  We seem to have an algorithm for the mining mechanic, but we still need a prototype to see if it’s actually going to be fun or not.

So, on we go!  Have a good week, everybody.

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