The Glass is Half Full of Air

Hello again.  Sorry for the infrequent posting schedule.  It’s been busy here!

Since the development and testing has now stabilized, I’m going back to some elements that I put on the shelf, like getting the Android version sorted out.  I’ll probably target Amazon and the Kindle Fire first, then add support for the wider Android market.  I’ve also reconsidered releasing the game on Kongregate.  A recent post from another indie developer has convinced me to give it a shot.  We shall see.

In other news. E3 happened this week, and the general consensus I get is one of disillusionment.  Gamers were disappointed with the lack of surprises and heavy emphasis of big-budget man-shooters.  I don’t mind FPSs or violence or sex in games, but when that’s most of what the big guys have to offer, and it’s offered gratuitously, it just all feels so juvenile and boring.  I’ve heard several forum posters declare that they are now ignoring AAA games, and looking towards indie and Kickstarter games for their entertainment.  My response is “Yay!”

My hope is that we indie developers can continue creating new and interesting games that find a large, eager audience fed up with the $60 blood explosion simulators.  There’s a time and a place for that type of game, and I wouldn’t want to see FPSs disappear completely, but when your own fans can’t tell the difference between each company’s games, maybe it’s time to diversify.  </mini-rant>

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