Getting ever closer to release time, so I thought I would highlight some other features of the game.  Pictures work better than words, so here’s a shot of the Upgrade screen.

This is one of our menu screens, accessed from the set of 4 tabs at the top.  When you receive Upgrade Points, you can spend them here.  If you upgrade the Vault, Crypt and/or Farm to 2X, you’ll get 2 Coins, Coffins or Veggies per match instead of 1.  3X will give you 3 per match, etc., up to a maximum of 4X.  Using these upgrades can really power up your puzzle matching!

And the best part is, these points can always be changed at any time.  So if you find yourself on a tough level and you can’t seem to get enough Coffins to survive, you can rearrange your points into the Crypt upgrade to get more Coffins on every match.  This is just one of the ways to make your game more customizable as you play through it.

We hope to have a professional gameplay video in the near future, so we’ll post more details when they happen!

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