I always told myself I’d never work 80-hour weeks, but that has been my reality for the past few months.  This week, however, a friend of mine surmised that it’s more like 2 different sets of 40-hour weeks, which is a slightly different mindset.  My game development doesn’t feel the same as work, and I’m happy about that.  It was always one of my biggest worries about going down this path.

Anyway, the game!  I currently plan to release a free ad-supported version and a paid full version, hopefully on multiple platforms at once.  For some, this is considered an act of madness, but I’ve been used to juggling multiple projects for a long time now, and it’s actually not too difficult for me at the moment.  It helps that I’m essentially juggling different versions of the same code, instead of different projects entirely!

Also received a new iPad this week (whatever Apple says, it’s the “iPad 3”), and managed to get the game running on there with it’s newer HD higher-definition Retina display.  Unfortunately, since the iPad ran on iOS 5.1, I needed a new SDK, which required the newer XCode compiler, which required the newer Mac OS.  3 upgrades, 5 GB, and about 3 hours later, I was able to make all the Apple bits happy again.  Android is mostly happy, but it may be a ruse since I’ve only looked at one device so far.

Villagers Vs. Vampire running on iPad 3 (left), iPhone 4S (middle), and Android Galaxy tablet.

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