Forward Progress, In Reverse

Since I’ve been on a backward-looking nostalgia kick this week, here’s some additional history of our development, which helps me gain some perspective on our progress.

Here is a very early screenshot from the beginning of November 2011.  I was trying to get the gameplay mechanics sorted out.


One month later, near mid December 2011.  Added the basic layout and art style, and was figuring out how everything would work together, and just how much art work I had left to do (which was “very yes!”).  This was the form our game took during our first alpha test, when we found out just how addictive the game could be!


This is the game today.  There are a few pieces that remain similar to the alpha, but several elements have been tweaked and refined (and this screen doesn’t show the various menus and levels that were also added).

Lots more to do, but we’re getting closer!

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