Objects in Space

Starting a gaming company while simultaneously starting a new blog about said company is a bit like fighting an epic boss battle while trying to listen to your spouse explain the video game publishing article he read this morning – you end up with a pile of loot and new insight into financial freedom! Just kidding. It’s actually very tricky to keep everything straight in your head, and sometimes you just don’t think you’re doing either thing properly.

I’ve never blogged before, and being a typical introverted geek- and gamer-girl, I’ve never particularly wanted to. But I think we have a lot of great game ideas, and the best path to success means sharing those games and the process of creating them with the world. (that’s you) So I’ll fumble along on here, knowing nobody is reading, hoping somebody is, as we make progress with our first game and hopefully make it to a release date someday.

My plan is to design an interesting, professional site, and post interesting and professional things onto it, until we run out of ideas. So I’ll get to work on that design thing, and start posting tidbits about our first game as it progresses.


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