Here We Start, At the Beginning

Hello there, all 3 of you! Welcome to our site! As you can see, it’s filled with a plethora of gaming entertainment and knowledge.  Hopefully, in the very near future, we’ll actually have games here too!  In the meantime, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself, which should provide a great 47 seconds of reading material before you go back to the other open tabs in your browser.

I’ve been fairly obsessed with computers and video games since about age 3, starting out on the Atari 2600, the Commodore 64, and a few arcade machines like Donkey Kong.  I’ve been programming for a long time, about 25 years, and my earliest programs (at around age 7) were centered around games.  However, I didn’t cultivate that as much as I feel I should have, growing up.  I found more fun in playing games than trying to write them.  Fast forward through my college days studying Computer Science and breaking out into the corporate software world, and the idea of creating games was a distant, but ever nagging, feeling in the back of my mind.

Today, I feel like the world of video games is so wide open, my younger self would find it nearly incomprehensible.  There are so many ways to create games and get them out to individual players these days, and I feel like it’s time for me to grab hold of the possibilities.  I feel that we have a lot to offer gamers of all types and experiences.  I see the wave of new game players coming into our world daily, and I hear the calls of the more seasoned gamers who want to find something new and magical again.  I can’t promise that all of our games will find an audience with every type of gamer, but as long as someone out there finds them fun and engaging, we’ve done well.  Besides, games that try to appeal to everyone frequently end up appealing to no one.

Anyway, our first game is going to be a vampire-themed matching game, though probably not the theme or gameplay you expect.  Our targeted platforms for now are iPhone, iPad, web portals, and possibly Android.  We’ll post more about it in the coming weeks as we get closer to finishing.  There should be a beta as well, and we’d be happy to have you involved, so stay tuned.  Happy gaming!

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